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Powerful appetite suppressant foods

Are you struggling to lose weight because you can't limit snacking?

Good news! There are many foods with "appetite suppressant" properties that you can consume on a daily basis. In this article, we make you discover 5 of them!


Porridge is your best slimming ally.

To begin with, we would like to point out that this meal is not low calorie. On the other hand, it is rich in fiber and helps to facilitate digestion. It also contains a large amount of protein, which makes it a very satiating food.

The porridge can be eaten in the morning by combining it with a few pieces of fruit (banana, strawberry, kiwi, etc.). You can also take it as a snack by mixing it with yogurt, dried fruits and nuts. Finally, porridge can be eaten in the evening, at dinner. For this, you can create a savory meal by mixing porridge, sundried tomatoes, zucchini, eggs and mushrooms.


Grapefruit is a food powerful appetite suppressant. Indeed, it contains a lot of fiber, which is why it brings a feeling of satiety. In addition, it is full of benefits, because it contains a significant amount of vitamin C and copper.

There are many ways to consume grapefruit. If you prefer juice, simply squeeze the fruit into a glass and add water to it. Then, drink the mixture preferably before the meal, without adding sugar to the drink.

Another way to enjoy grapefruit is to prepare it in a salad. You just have to cut the citrus fruit into pieces and mix them with apple and balsamic vinegar for example.

The cucumber

If you want to lose weight, include cucumbers in your menus now: raw, salad, smoothie… Why?

First, it is a low calorie food (12 Kcal per 100 g). Then, it is essentially composed of water (about 96%) and therefore has a diuretic action. But that's not all. This fruit is also rich in fiber, which allows it to act positively on intestinal transit and to have an appetite suppressant action. Yes, cucumber can help you fight small cravings.

To speed up your weight loss, you can combine appetite suppressant foods with regular exercise.

The green salad

Eat green salad at the start of a meal if you want to take advantage of the appetite suppressant effect of this vegetable. Indeed, this food contains a significant amount of dietary fiber, which brings a feeling of satiety. This will make it easier for you to reduce the amount of food you eat. Not to mention that the salad also helps reduce the overall caloric value of a meal by around 12%.

In addition, the green salad is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin B, essential elements for the body to meet energy needs.


Want to successfully lose weight? The apple is the food for you!

It is a delicious fruit that is rich in dietary fiber called “pectin”. Once in the intestines, these fibers will increase in volume, which will give you a feeling of satiety.

But that's not all. When the pectin swells, it forms an absorbent part that will capture the fats and sugars you have ingested during the meal. Not only does the apple act as an appetite suppressant, but it also has fat-burning actions.

The benefits of the apple do not stop there. It also has an anti-cholesterol property and a diuretic action. And if you eat it without peeling, you can enjoy an adequate supply of vitamin C.

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