easy_sushi_badge Manual

Find out how to make sushi easily and quickly with Easy Sushi®.

Step #1

Open your Easy Sushi®.
Attach the rod of the food-grade polypropylene film to the edge of the shell on your side. Unroll it.

Step #2

Position the nori seaweed sheet on the film, shiny side down, and make it take the shape of the shells.

Step #3

While maintaining the sheet of nori seaweed, arrange the rice preparation by packing gently, to fill the entire surface of the shells.

Step #4

Garnish as you wish (vegetables, fish, etc.).

Step #5

Then, gently close your Easy Sushi®.

Step #6

Hold it with one hand and pull the rod with the other.

Step #7

Take the roll thus formed out of your Easy Sushi® and wait for about five minutes.

Step #8

All you have to do is cut.

Step #9

And taste!

Become a master in the art of making sushi