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Preparing makis becomes easy with Easy Sushi®

Discover Easy Sushi®: the only sushi machine made in France to create perfect makis in the blink of an eye.

Easy Sushi® Easy Rolls: sushi machine

Easy Sushi® Easy Rolls is a revolutionary patented utensil ideal for lovers of Japanese cuisine. Easy Sushi® allows cooking aficionados, novices or experienced, to make perfect homemade makis and rolls in the blink of an eye, discover its very simple operation as well as our videos


Preparing makis and rolls yourself becomes easy and quick with Easy Sushi®. Discover our devices, recipe books and accessories.


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The Easy Sushi® utensil was created to be easy to use. Here's how to make delicious makis in four steps. Step 1: attach the stem of your Easy Sushi® device. Step 2: make a base of rice and add your garnish. Step 3: Close your Easy Sushi® device. Step 4: take out the roll, wait 1 minute and enjoy.

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Sweet or salty, everything becomes possible with the Easy Sushi® maki machine. Discover our recipe books : Cocktail Party, World Tour, Vegetarian as well as our original recipes offered.

There are a large number of recipes for making makis, so the possibilities are numerous. Generally, the ingredients needed to make Japanese rolls are: raw fish (salmon, tuna, sea bream, surimi), nori sheets, Japanese sushi rice as well as cucumber or avocado. You will also need ingredients to season your makis: soy sauce, wasabi, ginger or even miso sauce. Discover our Japanese grocery category here.

California Rolls are a rather special type of maki. Indeed, the nori seaweed is rolled inside the maki under cover of rice and sesame seeds rather than on the outside like traditional maki rolls. Very often, Califorina Rolls are garnished with cucumbers, crabs and avocado. Discover our free recipe here.

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