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Surimi california maki recipe

california maki recipe with surimi

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California maki recipe with surimi, which ingredients?

To realize the california maki recipe with surimiHere is the list of ingredients to provide:

  • 300 gr of Japanese sushi rice
  • 3 Nori sheets
  • 3-4 g of salt
  • 10g caster sugar
  • 3-4 cl of rice vinegar
  • 6 surimi sticks (or 100g crab crumbs)
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 half cucumber
  • 50 g of sesame seeds
  • Mayonnaise

California surimi maki recipe, how to proceed?

First prepare your rice (see preparing the rice).

Cut the surimi sticks into strips (lengthwise). Do the same with the cucumber and avocado. Depending on the size of the vegetables, adapt the number of strips so that you can distribute them over the entire length.

Take your Easy Suhi®, open it and unroll the film. The California is an "inverted maki", so you have to gently spread the thin layer of rice first and pack lightly. Then place the nori sheet on the rice (previously adapted to the width of the Easy Sushi®) and press down so that it takes the shape of half-cylinders.

Then arrange the slices of surimi (or crab crumbs) on one side, then the slices of cucumber and avocado on the other. Season with mayonnaise according to your taste.

Hold the bar and close your Easy Sushi®. Pull very gently on the bar. Stop then pull back on the film. Repeat the operation 1 time. Finally, roll the cylinder obtained in the rectangular dish in which you will have previously spread the sesame seeds.

Leave to rest for 1 minute then cut your California with the knife, remembering to moisten the blade with each pass. Here it is ready!

Recipe taken from the book “The Sushi World Tour”, available in 6 languages.

Preparing maki has never been easier with Easy Sushi®

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