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How to store sushi?

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Sushi is a vinegar rice base. Being one of the favorite dishes of the Japanese, sushi is made with white or brown rice, and varieties of vegetables and seafood. In Japanese restaurants, sushi is often confused with sashimi, whereas these two dishes are totally different. If the sushi is prepared with rice, the sashimi is, on the other hand, prepared with raw meat or fish. Regarding the consumption of sushi, you can eat it as much as you want. Thus, the duration of sushi storage can be done up to 3 days. In this text, you will benefit from tips and advice on the conservation of sushi.

The shelf life of sushi

Sushi is prepared with fresh ingredients such as vegetables or seafood. Thanks to the freshness of these ingredients, the shelf life of sushi is limited. Sushi can be stored for 2 to 3 days if it does not contain too much protein. Thus, rice-based recipes are ideal to store in a place or in a refrigerator with room temperature. The use of a refrigerator is therefore recommended to store your sushi.

The right conservator: The refrigerated display case

The preparation of a sushi that is homemade or for sale in a professional establishment requires special attention. This snack is one of the products that can be stored in a refrigerator or a simple cold appliance. This is to prevent its ingredients from deteriorating or providing substances harmful to your health. Indeed, the conservation of these ingredients makes it possible to guarantee the taste of your sushi. Once ready, you can eat your sushi. Or, you can keep them in your fridge to eat the next day.

However, if you are a restaurateur, the use of a refrigerated display case to store your sushi will be ideal. Indeed, these showcases are used to display your sushi rolls within the reach of your customers, while maintaining their taste and quality.

A refrigerated display case has an adequate temperature, ideal for storage of all types of food, namely sushi, sashimi, tapas etc. Refrigerated display cases are available in several models to choose from depending on the type of products you want to display.

Some precautions to take

  • First, he never freeze sushi, especially when they contain raw fish. A temperature of +6 to +8 ° C is largely sufficient for their conservation. This is to avoid any risk such as food poisoning.
  • Note that raw fish may contain parasites that could harm your health. So, it is recommended to wash them well before preparing sushi.

If you want to specialize in Japanese cuisine, you need to master some recipes like sushi, sashimi, and tapas. To sell your products, you need food preservation materials in order to maintain their quality and taste.

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