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Brief history of the Makis, where do they really come from?


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Everyone knows Makis, whether they are California Rolls or more traditional makis rolled up in their famous sheet of nori seaweed, over the years they have become real staples of Japanese cuisine in the West: but know- where do they really come from?

Sushi for criminals

Maki is the diminutive of “makizushi”, which means “sushi rolls”, they were born naturally in Japan and are made from a roll of white rice in sweet vinegar, garnished with raw fish or raw vegetables, all, rolled up with a sheet of black seaweed.

According to legend, makis as we know them were created by Japanese criminals, more commonly known as “yakuza” because they could not eat their sushi easily while playing cards.

Annoyed, they would have asked that we find a solution: thus, the maki rolled up in a sheet of nori seaweed would be born.

North America and the California Rolls

In the early 1970s, the Makis arrived in Asian restaurants and American homes. Unaccustomed to seaweed and its appearance, the famous rice roll did not attract Americans more than that.

It was then that the Japanese chefs had an idea: to make Makis upside down, by placing the seaweed leaf inside and rolling it up in rice.

This is how the California Rolls were born, in 1971 in Vancouver. Americans are becoming true followers of this new inverted Maki and the city of Los Angeles even makes it its specialty, which will give birth to its name of California Rolls.

It will be available in different forms: salmon, vegetables and even “Philadelphia” cheese which will then become the “Philadelphia Rolls”.

So what are you waiting for to make and taste your own Makis with the Easy Sushi® device ? While thanking these brave yakuza who finally invented these delicious specialties of course.

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