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What to drink with sushi?


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Pairing the best drink with sushi will bring out the many different textures of sushi. Also, it will bring out the flavors that are hiding in the ingredients. This post will show you the best sushi-drink pairings.

Best drink with sushi


Contrary to popular belief, sake, even though it is one of the best drinks to accompany sushi, is actually not traditionally served in Japan. Also, sake is loved by many Americans for its versatility. And more than 5,000 kiloliters a year are shipped to the United States alone. In general, the best sake flavor contains a slight citrus texture. So as not to tarnish the subtle taste of sashimi sushi. Indeed, when the texture is too extreme or too aromatic, it is not able to match the flavors of common fish like tuna. Also, the best drink with sushi seeks to imitate and complement the sushi roll. Especially with sake, in order to express the deep flavors of seafood. Without compromising the precision of the taste. Also, sakes like Junmai or Dry Ginjo are best suited for certain rolls like Sushi Volcano Roll, California Roll or Nigiri Roll.


Besides sake, beer is a common drink to accompany sushi. However, the bitterness of some beers can harm light foods like sushi. However, beers such as Asahi Dry Lager, Sapporo or Pilsners go very well together. Indeed, not only does the flavor not overpower the texture of the sushi roll, but it complements its quality. Indeed, it will be like a background, which brings out the delicacy of the fish. Also, the lighter the taste of the beer, the better it will be able to cut the palate of the sushi with precision.


There are alternatively many varieties of wine that can complement sushi very well. Plus, wine is one of the best drinks to pair with sushi because the myriad of wine styles provide an endless amount of possibilities. Above all, be sure to choose a wine that goes with the lightness or the heaviness of the food. This means light wine for lighter flavor and heavier wine for stronger flavor. The wine must therefore rely on the balance of flavor and not overwhelm it.

German Riesling

Riesling is therefore an excellent pairing that works very well with certain rolls. Dry and crisp German Riesling from Alsace or Austria goes perfectly with spicy dishes.
Sweet and highly acidic German Riesling can help tone down the spiciness of mayonnaise sushi rolls. Plus, it offers balancing relief to your palate from the potent goodness of wasabi or ginger. Also, the acidity and pure fruit flavors of Riesling counteract the many excellent flavors of the sushi roll.


Sushi and champagne pairings

Along with wonderful wines like Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc, Champagne is also ideal to accompany yellowtail tuna or albacore tuna rolls. The velvety texture of dry champagne makes it one of the best drinks to accompany sushi.
Plus, it's a wonderful choice when deciding what to drink with sushi. Indeed, delicious dry sparkling wines like Crémant d'Alsace, while they can be pricey, are not just for celebrations. Above all, it's the best drink with sushi for its ability to enhance the zest of any seafood. Because it doesn't compete with the food's natural palate. But it allows you to fully appreciate every texture of seafood.
This is why champagnes such as Bollinger Brut Rosé or Moncuit Blanc de Blancs are perfect for fried shrimp sushi. Invigorating you with a hint of salivating ocean flavor.


Comparatively, cocktails are harder to pair with sushi rolls. As the fruity sweetness of cocktails causes fish to lose its flavor, it may not be the best drink with sushi. However, there are possibilities by focusing on cocktails with high acidity to bring out the sweetness of the fish.
Then you can try ingredients like sherry, citrus fruits, fresh ginger, ginger beer or ginger ale to find the best combination with the sushi roll.


Although there are many alcoholic combinations to accompany sushi, remember that tea is also a great drink for sushi.
First of all, the high heat of the tea is a good refreshment for your palate between bites.
Plus, this palate cleansing will help preserve the many delicate textures of your various sushi experiences.

What to drink with sushi?

In summary, there are a lot of different drinks out there, but the best drink with sushi is one that complements its flavor. Additionally, by matching similarities in their level of acidity and heaviness to their texture. Conversely, avoid any pairing that either competes with texture or dominates the balance of the palate. However, don't let all these basics keep you from having a great experience. Since this post is more of a guide, don't be afraid to try new drink pairings that you like.

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