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Box of 2 Japanese Knives


Prepare your fish in the purest tradition with this set of Japanese knives


  • Blade length: 17.5cm
  • Total length : 30cm


  • Blade length: 21.5cm
  • Total length : 34cm

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Further information

This set includes two fish knives, one Deba and one Yanagiba.
  • Deba knife is used to lift fish fillets and more generally to cut fish. it is also very useful for meats. The deba has a characteristic heavy and bevelled blade.
  • The Yanagiba knife is used for precise cutting of fish sashimi.It can be used for cutting slices of meat or cold cuts. The yanagiba has a long, stiff blade that is slightly curved.
These two knives have a wooden handle and are presented in a black cardboard box.