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7 fun facts about Japan


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For this very first article, the team of Easy Sushi® decided to dig up 7 anecdotes about the land of the rising sun. Let's go.

1. Japanese people drive on the left

In Japan, the Japanese drive on the left and line up on the left in escalators and on sidewalks. It is the rule. Except in Osaka, where the Japanese line up on the right side of the escalators. Mystery.

2. There are no public trash cans

And this, especially since the wave of sarin gas attacks. In addition, it is generally frowned upon, or even forbidden, to eat or drink in the street and on public transport. Public bins are therefore of limited use.

3. Cash only (or almost)

In Japan, it is very difficult to pay by card. You have to pay in cash. And given the number of snatch thefts almost nil in Japan, we put up with it.

4. Taxi doors

The driver has a little lever to close it from a distance and it looks automatic. This is why you should never close the door of a taxi yourself. If you risk slamming the door yourself, the driver might not like it.

5. No shoes inside

Even if this is well known, it seemed good to us to give a little reminder about it: inside, no shoes.

6. Never stick your chopsticks in rice

No it's not a joke. In Japan, sticking your chopsticks in rice is a symbol of death.

7. You must call the servers

Unlike in Western countries, in Japan, you have to call the waiter: to order, clear or ask for the bill. At the risk of never being served.

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